Benefits of Pre-K through Eighth Grade

St. Timothy’s parents often ask our

 headmaster why we don’t add

a high school.

St. Timothy’s parents often ask our headmaster why we don’t add a high school. While we’re thrilled that families love St. Timothy’s enough to want to stay, the answer is that both research and our own experience support the value of a pre-k to eighth grade education model.


Focused expertise on early childhood through early adolescence

It’s no question—17-year-olds are very different developmentally from four-year-olds. Limiting the age range of students we educate provides more opportunities for specialized focus and expertise. We know our children well, and we understand how they think.

Mature and confident Middle School students

Rather than looking to older students for approval, our Middle School students proudly assume the role of leaders at St. Timothy’s. They serve as role models to our Lower School students.

Middle School students are role models to our Lower School students


Opportunity to experience a major transition prior to college

The transition from St. Timothy’s to high school offers a safe way for your child to “practice” the far more dramatic change of going away to college. The lessons and experiences they gather in this transition—with a nurturing community of parents, friends and teachers still close at hand—will make the next transition far easier. Well-documented research shows that K – 8 graduates maintain a lasting academic advantage in high school over those who attended a standalone middle school. And while our eighth graders are well-prepared for a brand new setting and the chance to meet new people, our alumni often keep in touch with us and each other for years after graduation.

More diverse academic program

Because St. Timothy’s graduates go on to such varied high schools, we’re compelled to offer a broader, richer academic program. Our teachers must consider almost a dozen different high school programs to ensure that we meet the requirements for success at any of the schools our students may attend. Rather than preparing students for a single track, we prepare our students for any track.

Ability to choose a high school to fit the student

Some St. Timothy’s graduates want to continue their education in a small-school setting, while others want to branch out to a larger environment. A particular high school’s arts, athletic or academic program may appeal to them. With so many excellent options, we believe it is a benefit to choose the school that best aligns with the student’s interests.