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“Simón dice…saltar!” says the teacher, and her class of second graders obey, hopping in place with giggles and smiles. “Okay…tocar el pie!” This time the students grin but don’t move.

“Bueno!” Mrs. Lowrance says, praising them for recognizing that she didn’t say “Simón dice” (“Simon says”).

Learning Spanish starting in pre-kindergarten is just one of the ways we build a solid academic foundation for our students. Equipped with confidence and an eagerness for challenge, they readily adapt and thrive in any type of learning environment.

¿Cómo se dice “nose” en español?

How do you say “nose” in Spanish?


Our academic curriculum is intentionally broad and rich, surpassing the requirements of local public and independent schools. Alumni visit their former teachers to tell them how the skills learned here have set them apart in high school and college.

We also engage students’ passions. Though St. Timothy’s is small, we’re able to offer an impressive variety of extracurricular activities, clubs and electives—including 14 competitive sports teams, visual and performing arts courses, and private instrumental lessons. Students can study special topics in news and media, debate, science and technology.

You can find St. Timothy’s alumni around the world.

Titan alumni have earned selection for the nation’s oldest and most prestigious public university scholarship.

“St. Timothy’s School graduates can stand toe-to-toe with ninth graders from any other school in Wake County, public or independent.”